2012-02-18 12:40:47

Sam Dunstan wrote:

I only read about this 30 minutes ago, in 30 minutes, and through copius internet sources I have never been more sure of anything in my life! To quote Jude Law's support video: 'Freedom of artistic expression is is an expression of the joy of life'.

2012-02-08 12:40:11

Caroline Skelton wrote:

Free Andrei Sannikov !

2012-02-08 12:35:18

Chris Gourlay wrote:

Time for revolution to visit Belarus.

2012-01-25 13:06:36

Ryan Bestford wrote:

Free Belarus!

2012-01-18 07:12:03

AmberLeigh Webb-Lord wrote:

Theatre should be witnessed everywhere, accessible to everyone and should explore the possible and impossible.

2012-01-12 08:13:19

Edward Franklin wrote:

Spread the message.

2012-01-06 14:36:40

Sasha Ilyukevich wrote:


2011-12-23 06:07:09

Kenneth Forsyth wrote:

when words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain

2011-12-21 17:23:17

James Gough wrote:

Free Belarus Now!!!!

2011-12-21 13:47:33

Charlotte Riley wrote:

Break the silence, spread the message!

2011-12-21 13:05:38

Susan Aldred wrote:

I follow Havel in protesting against the silenced in Belarus

2011-12-21 12:55:53

Sheila Littleton wrote:

Dissent, when voiced logically and calmly, is the first step in the road to democracy and equality, both in corporeal and spiritual states.

2011-12-20 19:09:55

Stephen Hoffman wrote:

I support this noble cause and urge others to do the same.

2011-12-20 18:48:49

Jay Taylor wrote:

Liberty is not a privilege; it is a right.

2011-12-20 12:24:33

Mike Harris wrote:

Freedom of speech NOW!